My Grandmother Is Important To My Life Essay

The family is an important part of someone 's life; they help shape who that person is. My grandmother is important to my life, and shows me what is the most valuable in life. From what people struggle with can change your aspect in life. It can teach people that their families can struggle with similar things and they can have the best advice and knowledge to help. My grandmother struggled with not having a good life and moving a lot. My grandmother teaches me that not all strong relationships within families are blood related. My grandmother and I are not blood related, we have a relationship like mother and daughter. She catechizes her knowledge so I can have better life.
My grandmother Maria Esther Castro Velarde was born August 13, 1956
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it helped her starve for a better life and her children. She can live comfortably now and have her own belongs. He life has been through a lot and she passes down her knowledge to her grandchildren. Maria wants to teach her children that they shouldn 't rely on the possessions and that object 's memory. Its the stories that are more valuable. My grandmother helped shape my life. She was and still is always there for me. My mother was quiet and was always up to no good. My grandmother taught me how to be a good human beings and not be what my mother or aunt had become. Maria helped me get on my two feet and to hold my own. My grandmother taught me her morals and what her father taught her. She was kind and loving but strict to me, she was more understanding than my mother.She also taught patience and how to love god our lord and savior. Maria had it a lot harder than her grandchild and children had. She went through a lot and become strong. She passes down her beliefs to her kids and now her oldest grandchild. My grandmother keeps me on my toes all the time. She wants me to grow into a successful woman who can take care of herself. From what my grandmother was mainly taught from her parents were Respect, love and love for Jesus. Respect others and your body. . That 's what she had taught me recently.
Maria became more open when she had her first grandchild. She became a worry wart just how parents are with her newborn. She was like my parent throughout most of my life and helping me shape who I am with good surroundings. She wanted to provide a stable and nurturing environment for

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