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Looking to the future, I aspire to finish college with a degree in health science with a concentration in healthcare management. After the completion of my bachelor’s degree and gaining some experience in an administrative role in the healthcare setting, I would then like to apply to nursing school. Subsequently, with my associate degree in nursing my main goal is to pass the Nursing Home Administration Exam. By having these experiences I hope to increase my chances of getting a job as an administrator of a nursing home facility. However, it is not my intention to start my own nursing home or health care facility, but instead to apply for this job through New York State. Once I have accomplished this, my plans are as follows:
Name of nursing home: One Tree Hill Nursing home
Our Mission As the administrator I would design our mission that reflects on the objectives we wish to achieve. It would state something like this:
Our facility accentuates on the needs of each person placed in our care. We stress on the importance of
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It is our duty to take care of the people left in our care, to know everything about them, from their favorite foods to their health condition and therefore it is a necessity to build a friendship and create a bond with our residents. As a result, we try to expand on this notion and help create friendships and meaningful relations among our residents. We want them to be familiar with each other, have conversations, laugh and build a friendship with each other. Given that, we have put considerable time, energy, resources and joy into crafting activities for our residents to partake in. Lunch and dinner is always served in our dining room so that everyone is seated at the table, we have karaoke, bingo, an outside garden, craft sessions, and trips to the local parks. We also engage residents in special activities and programs we put together every SINGLE

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