Essay on My Goals For My Life

777 Words Oct 19th, 2016 4 Pages
1. I thought that Cornell did a fantastic job in relaying the message of having a purpose for life. I learned that no matter what happens in life, it’s important to know why you did it. The reason that drives me and why I want to do something in the future. I really learned to take into consideration my why and start setting goals for myself. My drive to be in education is driven around the moment my parents see what I have accomplished. I have always felt the need to please them and make them proud of their little girl. They have done so much for me over the years and this is my payback to them. I really enjoyed reading the quotes and truly understanding the meaning behind each one. With being stressed out from school and work, it was nice to hear Cornell’s speech and the motivation message behind it. We truly don’t know what tomorrow brings and we must live every single day like it’s the last. We all need assistance once in awhile, but we must take the backpack off and find our true meaning in life. I really learned to start believing in myself that I can do it all and be it all. Life is not perfect and we must pay attention to the little details that come upon it. I really thought his speech was very moving and motivational. Cornell really lives to make others happy and is so inspirational.
2. I thought his speech went in many different directions and conveyed a powerful meaning of coming up from diversity. The message that we can overcome diversity in a positive…

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