My Global Issue Is On The Domestic Violence Mexico Essay

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Domestic Violence

My Global issue is about the Domestic violence Mexico. This global issue got my attention because this type violence is everywhere as the quote in Mexico says “La violencia genera mas violencia”. The Domestic violence began in 1970 to present.
Living in a society where violence is on every corner of your community could means that you can carry that violence on you. What i mean is that if someone makes you angry; The response to them could be on a violent way. This is how Mexico has has been on Mexico for several years, everyone is by their side by their own.
The beginning of domestic violence is from the initial places of growing of human being, which means the family. If the father hurts the mother when the child is not old enough to understand the situation; The child will learn that hurting the mother will be right, as long the mother does not do something to stop it. Before that, the mother has to approve that is right, but she likely agree because might be afraid of her oppressor. Other family violence is that both parents or just one are against the child making his/her life impossible. All of this can be create it at: School, Home, and community. Home: Is one of the primary learning for the young generation and the home can punish the young generating violence also mental injuries as well. Here is where can be seen the first signals of domestic violence after that comes the community.
Community: Home from community is the oppressor. Why…

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