My Generation By The Who Analysis

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My Generation By The Who
“My Generation” is a top rock and roll song during 60s. This song influenced young, but their parent hated. Parent thought this song was anti-cultural and didn’t fit their society. This song basically talks about our generation which is growing up. It also talks about how we think when we are young and what are the things we like/love to do, throughout teenage years.This song brought many controversies in media as well. “My Generation” ranked #75 in U.S. and #2 in Britain. This song was good in style, but still brought issue in politics and contemporary life which our parent never liked.
At Woodstock, Pete Townshend called “My Generation” millions of parents thought it is simply a bad music. This song started with an artless pounding of two chords, and it ended with loud and chaotic banging of guitar and drums. People thought lyrics was more worse because of how he sing that song like “c-c-c-cold’ and “f-f-f-f-fade away”. Sometime letter “F” makes people to think something else. Especially whey they sing this song in stage, it really didn’t make sense to parents because it was just crazy; they were jumping and banging guitar, throwing guitar
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World War II was just ended and Vietnam war still going on, during that time this song even brought different thought in politics. Most government thought young generation was trying to contribute communism. They even thought singer is trying to gather their audience to join in communist party and later to make them fight against the country. Before then “My Generation” Elvis presley “Hound Dog” also brought big controversies in media especially young girls are ready do anything for him and his way of moving hips was so attractive to teenage. Government decide to band the video where shown his video and tell him not to again on stage. Not only that, they didn 't show below in hips in TV

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