My Future Success Oriented Culture Capacity Essay example

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Capacity to Aspire- refers to a very future success oriented culture capacity. With a strong capacity to aspire, poverty and society can be altered to become developed and successful by establishing a plan and follow set norms. For a poor society to build their desired prosperous future, it must revolt against social structures that only constrain the less wealthy population, create a strong voice in order to promote their ideas and deserves against constraining the poor from governmental and civic action, and stay open to opportunities that promote success and prosperity for the poor. This key term is significant to our class because it is involved with how poor societies can create development and success.
Intentional Economy- This is a form of economy that involves ethical decision making. This type of economy has the goal of creating sustainability by using ethics. Intentional Economy is important to our class discussion of development projects effects on poverty struck communities and people (Gibson-Graham 101).
Hydraulic Citizenship- refers to the dependence of other people’s abilities and movements to create pressure and a certain preferred outcome and the belonging of a person in a society that is established by the materialistic and social claims, in this case, of the communities’ water infrastructure. As discussed in lecture, the citizens’ rights in Mumbai can be determined and demonstrated in their access to the land’s water supply, which is very crucial to…

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