My Friend Sydney Jeter : A Wonderful Person Who Could Bring Joy Into A Person 's Life

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My friend Sydney Jeter was a wonderful person who could bring joy into a person’s life. She was skillful in the categories of being athletic, adventurous, ranked top of her class academically, and being socially active. My friends Hayden, Blake, Logan and I met Sydney in the summer of 2012. Shortly after meeting, Blake and Sydney started dating which lead to us all meeting her family. We became very close to Sydney 's family as they enjoyed our company. On July 13, 2013 Blake and Sydney were involved in a car accident, which took place in College Station, Texas. Blake survived with severe bruising, but Sydney did not, as she suffered from immediate head trauma following the wreck. The month after her death was unspeakably heart breaking. Hayden, Logan, Blake and I would all spend the night at Sydney 's parents’ house periodically to support them during their time of mourning. As time went on, Sydney’s mother became very strict about going to church and making Blake attend as well. He understood the reasoning and did so for a short period, until he mentioned that the church gatherings seemed like a cult. Sydney’s mom eventually demanded Blake to not associate with his friends anymore. He told Hayden, Logan and I that he felt uncomfortable around Sydney 's parents and no longer wanted anything to do with the church. Blake told Sydney’s mom how he felt, which made her upset towards him. She quoted to Blake “this is not what Sydney would have wanted.” Sydney’s parents began to…

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