My Fondest Memories - Original Writing Essay

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People travel all over the world to exotic destinations and become infatuated with them. While I have only traveled to five of the fifty states and have never ventured out of the country, I stumbled upon the place I love most not far from home. Two miles down a long, winding dirt road in the heart of Lulaton, Georgia sits my Mema’s old house; the birthplace of many treasured childhood memories. From catching my first fish in the backyard pond to lounging around conversing with loved ones all day, there are many reasons why her house will always be apart of me. While she is no longer with us today, her house is still the place that hosted many of my fondest memories that I will cherish forever. To others, my Mema’s house is just another residence nestled at the end of a long, wooded driveway that they pass by during their day to day travels; but to me it is much more than that. What made it so different from other places is the love that filled the air when my whole family congregated to eat dinner every Wednesday night, the joyous laughter of us three grandchildren running through the house after Mema picked us up from school, and the many delicious entrées my Mema, the best cook in the world, taught me how to prepare. Those types of experiences are not established just anywhere, they are found in meaningful places that fill you with memories, joy, and most importantly love. It has been said that “home is where the heart is” and considering her house was more of a home for…

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