My First Stepped Out Of The Plane Essay

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When I first stepped out of the plane in Mumbai, I paused and started to glance around the beautiful scenery that was in front of me. It was 5 AM; we got into the bus and the first thing I noticed was a cow half a mile away sitting on the street. I looked at my friends, and we started giggling. The city was like no other. Even at that time it seemed like the whole city was awake. The roads were filled with cars and “Tuk Tuks”. On each corner there would be a stand of food, clothing, or jewelry. The Indian ladies dressed up in their traditional clothing “Sari”, each one of them was unique in their own style and color. I noticed one thing while I was looking at those people; they were all smiling regardless of the situation they were in. At that moment I had an epiphany, thinking to myself “This is a chaotically beautiful city”. One day we had visited an Indian family’s home. The lady was so kind to invite us in. She asked us a question, which I still live by till today. She asked us “Would you rather be born a human or an animal?” Obviously, we all answered a human, so she told us “Always be grateful for what you have and who you are”. Later on, we asked her if there was one person is history you would want to meet who would it be? Without any hesitation or thought, she immediately said Mahatma Gandhi. She felt that not only did he liberate India, but also he shed light on an era of peace. I remember her specifically saying, “Gandhi taught us how to love with an open…

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