My First Part Of My Educational Journey Essay

893 Words Mar 13th, 2016 4 Pages
This course is the grand finale of my studies to obtain my associate degree. I have completed several courses that involved formal writing and I feel this class was a great conclusion to the first part of my educational journey. As I reflect on the past eight weeks, I would describe this Cornerstone Seminar course as very educational and a bit overwhelming. This last assignment is my digital portfolio of my writing and research technique throughout this course.
Beginning with Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller “Outliers”. Before this course, I wouldn’t have had an interest in this book but now after this course, I look forward to spending more time to carefully interpret and analyze it in more detail. Gladwell gave me much to think about while also giving me the opportunity to interpret and analyze an argument as I have documented in my essays and discussions.
The first essay is a self-reflection about myself and how my career relates to “The 10,000-Hour Rule”. I was skeptical of Gladwell’s claim at first as this seemed to be a very long time to reach a point of success. Although I was amazed how it was exactly a mirror image of my career. In my fifteen years employed in Human Resources, I was promoted every five years to a new position. By working fulltime at 2080 hours a year for five years, I was improving my knowledge and skills resulting in success in approximately 10,000 hours. Once I reflected on my career and assessed this rule, it became easier to accept…

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