My First Money Memory Comes From When I Was A School Essay

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My earliest money memory comes from when I was in elementary school. Each week my sister and I were each assigned a part of the house to clean as our “chores” which upon completion received a sort of allowance. If the chore was completed, my mom marked it down on an excel sheet and although I am not sure the exact amount we were paid, the money we earned was not given directly to us. Instead, if we were at the store and we saw something we wanted such as a stuffed animal, we were allowed to purchase it with our allowance money that my mom then subtracted from the excel document. This is how I received the majority of my money as a child for about three years until we stopped this process. I also received money as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. As a teen, I continued to receive my money through gifts and when I would babysit. In high school, I picked up a part-time job at my dance studio and earned about $100 a month. As a child, I did not spend much money, although I do remember a few purchases of clothes or toys. As a teen, all my money went towards clothes and sometime entertainment with friends. As a child, I was not given any direction about earning, spending, saving, or giving. Money was just there and if we had it, we spent it and if we didn’t, well it would come eventually or we would forget about it.
My first big purchase was my laptop that I purchased just recently after my old one gave out. I paid for it out of my savings account which has been accumulating…

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