Essay on My First Impression Of Hans Holbein

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INITIAL REACTIONS TO THE WORK My first impression of Hans Holbein the Younger’s painting, The Ambassadors, is an amazing, captivating piece of art from the Renaissance period. I was immediately drawn to the man on the left with his powerful stance and wealthy appearance. It gave me the impression that he was a scholar and possibly royalty by his attire. The representation of the male on the right is a religious or clergy type person, I assumed this by his clothing of a dark cloak with a white collar. I think the two shelves that divide the men in the painting represents the religious reformation during the Renaissance period. My interpretation of the multiple objects on the shelves is they represent both religion and education. My eyes were drawn down to the distorted skull at the bottom center of the painting. It’s a visual puzzle or an anamorphic image which was invented during the Renaissance period. The most interesting aspect of this painting for me was the crucifix located in the top left corner. Only half of the crucifix is visible by the green curtain symbolizing the division of the church during the reformation.
HISTORICAL CONTEXT During the 1500s the Protestant Reformation was the religious movement that swept across Europe, transforming society, religion, and faith. The movement began with Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses which challenged the papal infallibility and criticizing the Catholic Church (MindEdge, Inc., 2014). This led…

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