My First Generation Relative : Grandpa Derksen Migrated From The Netherlands At Age Two

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a. I have one first generation relative; Grandpa Derksen migrated from the Netherlands at age two.
b. He lived in an urban area.
c. Grandpa Harness was part Cherokee Indian. Grandpa Derksen was Dutch and he bought us wooden shoes.
d. My grandpa’s family did not accept us or my grandma because we were not full blooded Cherokee. We were not accepted on their reservation.
e. The only intercultural/ethnic marriage was my grandpa and grandma harness. My grandpa’s family did not talk to us or come visit. They did not accept my grandma or my mother.
f. My grandmother’s only went to school until the 10th grade. My father dropped out in the 9th grade. All of the rest of my relatives graduated high school. However, my brother and I hold college degrees.
g. The most influential person in this group was my grandma on my dad’s side. She taught us the importance of family and hard work. She educated us on how to garden and can fresh vegetables.
h. A cultural disagreement happened when Grandpa Harness used spiritual and herbal remedies instead of modern medicine with his medical care. He utilized traditional Indian methods.
i. My father was raised where the women are the caregivers and men are the providers. This created issues with my mother, because she was very independent. I consider this a cultural difference; because many fights ensued over this issue.
j. Breast cancer affected my mother and maternal grandmother. Heart disease hit my father, paternal…

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