Essay about My First Ever Art Experience

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My first ever art experience was doodling on a piece of paper when I knew how to hold a pencil. I don’t know where this artist gene came from, since all my family members worked in engineering or business. I am happy that my mom stands by my side all the time, and even encouraged me to go to an art school when I had no plan for my future college.
My focus in this school, The School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), is visual communication. I am preparing for the portfolio review this semester and hope I can enter the department. But why visual communication? I believe most people started with painting or drawing, but how was I introduced to graphic design in general?
Before even applying for college, I went to Rhode Island School of Design for a pre-college summer program, just to see what college art classes would be like. I planned to take illustration class, but unfortunately the class was already full, and I took graphic design instead. That was the first time I was introduced to graphic design.
I didn’t like the class in the first place. First, I was in a class that I didn’t expect to take; and second, that was one of the most intense classes in the whole pre-college program. Also I was constantly upset. Anyone who ever been in one graphic design would know, there were so many instructions and requirements in one project, and I always missed one or two rules given by the professor. So I wasn’t doing very well on the first several assignments. But this is that kind of…

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