My Favorite Memories Of My Life Essay

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My great grandparents had a very close relationship. They were married for 60 years and had a wonderful life together. They just seemed to fit together. You could say my Gran was tiny and my Grandad wasn’t very tall either. However, that’s what made them just look like an even more perfect couple when they were together.

My Grandad was forever asking my dad to put a bet at the bookies for him, as he loved having a gamble. They were also both very active and my Gran never stopped cleaning, she was forever doing things for my grandad like making him food and giving him cups of tea. One of my funniest memories is from when we used to visit my Gran and she would ask, "would you like a can of juice?” When we said no she 'd forget and repeat herself repeatedly. Eventually we would give in and take a can of juice just to please her. The same scenario would happen with food. One of my favourite memories of being with my grandad was going to his house and hearing him try to explain just exactly what cowboy movies were all about He was really entertained by them.

Unfortunately, my Grandad took an un expected turn for the worst, he was starting to forget things and it was getting more worrying as the weeks went on. We then got a doctor to come and examine him to find that he had the start of senile dementia and he started to forget his daily routine on a day-to-day basis. I started to get worried about him. This went on for roughly 6-8 months and as the months progressed, so did…

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