My Favorite Meal Is A Grilled Cheese Essay

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Do you actually know where your food comes from? Your basic fruits and vegetables and meat does not automatically land in your lap or into the downtown supermarkets from just nowhere. As you would have guessed many of your fruits, vegetables, meats and grains come from hundreds of exports from many countries around the world. In the United States, to different types of agriculture and climate, it is hard to produce the hundreds of different food items that the world has introduced to the world. So the United States heavily relies on world trade to be able to get the necessary ingredients to be able to put your favorite foods on your plate. In this paper, I will be getting a better understanding of where my favorite food come1from and how in fact the food we eat can connects us and the world around us.
Furthermore, I would first state that my favorite meal is a grilled cheese. The reason why I picked a grilled cheese is because whenever I was younger and got home from school, my mother would be grilling a gooey, cheesy snack for my siblings and me. This meal is one of my absolutes favorites. When UW-Stout has grilled cheese for lunch or dinner it is one of the meals have to that I must eat. Knowing that it’s not like my Mom’s cooked grill cheese, it is still pretty great that I can still have a grilled cheese once in a while.
When I think about how I make a basic grilled cheese I think of the ingredients to make it and majority of my items come already pre-packaged like my…

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