My Family, Identity, And Culture Essays

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Every person, or group of people, has an Identity, name and a culture. In our modern culture identity is defined in two ways: who we really think we are and what others believe we are, identity is shaped through the many interactions we have throughout our lifetime.
Personally I have always been on the quest to find my own identity, but when my family decided to move from Mexico to the United States of America when I was just 14 years old, my family and especially me suffered a major identity crisis. A whole different culture, unused language to learn and several new obstacles to overcome at a young age. One of the aspects of forming an identity will obviously be your family. The largest, most influential relationships that forms our personality is the relationship we have with our family. Through our family, we determine the many morals and values that we use to form judgments in many circumstances throughout our lives. I am tremendously attached to each single member of my family, but still we are diverse in every single way. I grew up with two older sisters who each had points of view and beliefs quite different than mine. Although I felt divergent at times from everyone else in my family, there was consistently one person who I connected to, my mom.
All throughout the years of growing up and going through personal adaptations, I always seemed to be filled with encouraging words of wisdom from my mom, and, most importantly, she was highly accepting of the paths I had…

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