My Family: Communication Patterns In The Hmong Family

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Thailand was where it all happen. My parents had met and got married there. But let 's give a little background. In the Hmong community, it was the norm to have many kids. Having many kids meant they can help you around the house or financially, especially farming crops for food. However, my mother didn 't have the same luxury of having a father as she grew up. Her father had gotten sick when she was young and he passed away. Due to this event my grandma (her mother) remarried. In the older Hmong laws, once a woman is widowed and decides to remarry, the majority of her kids has to be left with her siblings side of the family. That was the case for my mother. She was a foster child, sent off with all her siblings to her aunt’s house.
My father
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My uncle helped my family assimilate smoothly in Minnesota. I was born in the year 1995 and then my younger sisters were also born each two years apart from one another. Communication Patterns
My father is a man of little words but when he spoke he said many valuable things. My mother is a very loud and speaks her mind on my things. She wears the pants in the relationship and is the most helpful in giving life advice. As a family, we were not close to my father 's side of the family in the beginning of our life in America. But eventually, our connection grew closer with my aunt Xia and Belldandy from my father’s side after the death of my grandpa.
On my mother’s side of the family, everyone in my family had very close relationships with my uncle Van and his family. My cousin 's (mother’s side of the family) were around the same age as us so it was easy to connect with them. When my mother’s step-sister Nyia immigrated to America in 2009 we also developed a strong relationship with
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I grew up listening to my brother and looked up to him. We also liked the same hobbies and thought alike. Out of the whole family, I am the only one who is open enough to understand his life decisions that had many members in my family holding grudges against him. Jobs/ Occupation Both of my parents never received a proper education. My father has worked his job for 15 years now. His occupation is a maintenance worker at a pie company while my mother was a stay at home mom to take care of my brother Keng. However, two years ago she became a legal caretaker for him. Cheenou graduated with his bachelor’s degree in accountant and works as a Mortgage Closer at Wells Fargo bank. My sister Yee graduated with a degree in Psychology and works as a Certified Nurse Assistant. The rest of the children in my family work seasonal jobs during the Summer time. Issues There are a couple reasons for why I believe why my family is not as close to my father’s side of the family. I figured maybe due to the separation of my father and his family back in Thailand. In addition, after the death of my grandpa from my father’s side, his brothers (my uncles) fought over who would provide the funds for his burial ceremony. A big disagreement occurred and their oldest brother Cha decide to became distant to the rest of his

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