My Family Changed My Outlook On Life Essay

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Sometimes people like me take things for granted. Growing up in a well-educated family that has owned businesses, became senators, and became doctors was the life everyone hoped to live. I loved living in a cultivated family, because I knew if I ever needed something, there was always someone to run to. One particular person in my family changed my outlook on life. That person was my uncle, one of the only doctors in South Georgia that helped cure a disease in 2002. I knew he was smart and I knew I could count on him to always be there. I took his presence for granted. Having a doctor in my family made me feel like I could take anything, including life for granted, because I felt that if I ever was on a death bed, he would revive me like he had done for so many others. I always thought that since he was a doctor, his health would be the greatest there was. I was completely wrong.
My uncle had a love for people, especially for children. He helped whoever needed it, even if they couldn’t compensate for their service. My uncle hated seeing young children being “trapped” in cancer. He hated having to tell a child’s family that their child has a life expectancy date. I can even remember him going out of his way to care for the ones that needed him the most, whether it involved him staying the night with a sick patient that was slowing dying of cancer or dropping everything to meet a patient at the ER for immediate care. After years of trying to fight off the emotional torture…

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