Essay on My Family As A Family

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Did your family mold you into the person you are today? While growing I have notice that my background influenced who I am. My family shaped me into the young man I am today. The things I have learned to such as morals and values are from my family. I am a representation of my family whether I believe it or not. The way I carry myself all has been embedded from my family. The environment where I grew up in also played a big role into my life. I do not think I would behave the same if I was around a different family. My family has several traditions. We try to plan an out of state trip every two years for a family reunion. So far we have traveled to fifth teen different states. While on the family reunion, we attended outings such as picnics, functions, and site seeing. Also, every Sunday my immediate family tries to come together for dinner after church. My grandmother will prepare a well cooked home cooked meal. Following after Sunday dinner we will all pitch in to help clean up. It is a great feeling to have my family together once a week to talk among each other. I would like to continue this with my family when I get older. Medical conditions in my family consist of lung cancer, diabetes, and hearing loss. My great grandfather had lung cancer he did not smoke cigarettes at all. My great father did not die from lung cancer and died from a massive stroke. He try to do everything in his power to ensure his children would not be diagnosed with lung cancer. He took my…

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