Essay about My Experience With The Dining Hall

712 Words Oct 28th, 2014 3 Pages
All of a sudden I found myself thinking sociologically when I was eating in Belk dining hall. I was surrounded by my peers while eating dinner over a casual conversation. But, then I decided to look around at other groups and started to recognize sociological concepts that I learned in class. The three concepts I witnessed were culture, socialization, and social deviance which helped me become more sociological mindful of my surroundings. The dining hall holds various types of culture since each student comes from a different background. Each student in their specific groups are experiencing different languages as they hold a conversation amongst one another. Some students may use certain symbols to explain their story or hand gestures. As I glanced at different groups, I saw one girl talking to her friend and using hand gestures to get the point across while the other person would nod her head to let her know she agreed. In addition, other groups engaged in a conversation that was at a higher volume than other groups with a lower volume. I noticed one group not saying anything at all but would occasionally smile at the opposite person. On the other hand, some students were sitting by themselves working on class assignments because they had the belief that if they spend extra time on the homework they would have an ideology that they will perform better in the class. However other cultures had the belief that the dining hall should be used for socializing in order to relax…

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