Essay on My Experience With My Friend

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I had difficulty getting along with others when I was younger. I sat alone on the playground and remained silent during class. Other kids would pick on me and bully me. This made me feel scared and I yearned for a friend. When I finally received my wish, cruel irony struck when my family had to move shortly after. I found myself in a new town with nobody I knew. However, with time, my social skills developed and I was able to form bonds with others.
I’ve obtained a lot of amazing friends as well as bad ones. Regardless of whether they were good or bad, I was always eager to have somebody I was able to call my friend. As a result, I formed unhealthy relationships with people just for their companionship. My most recent instance of this is a girl we’ll call “Alice”. SOMEHOW, SHE’S BECOME ONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS AND I’M NOT ENTIRELY SURE WHY.
I began spending time with Alice when she started dating one of my best friends at school. It wasn’t a serious relationship and was probably more physical than emotional. Not surprisingly, it didn’t last long. Afterwards, she dated both of my best friends on and off, switching between the two. Those two were whom I spent most of my time with and because Alice was dating them, I had to spend time with her. Alice is currently dating one of those friends and now I can’t spend time with him without her being there. I end up going everywhere with her now: my friends’ houses, my house, restaurants, the mall, everywhere.
There are many things…

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