Negative Influence On Gang Life

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It was not easy to grow up and survive in a dangerous neighborhood. My mother was always working and my brother was always on the streets looking for an adrenaline rush. As a child, the feeling of shadows following me at night was difficult to live with. In spite of my feeling of loneliness, I made up my mind to not become part of a street gang. There were days when I would doubt my decision because I would see how the rest of my friends always had money and never struggled financially. However, I knew I wanted a better life. I am definitely happy that i did not let my greed overcome my decision to stay away from the violence that plagued my neighborhood. Therefore, I stayed away from all the negative influences that surrounded me. Instead I focused my attention on helping others. I realized it has always been part of who I am. As a child I was always reminded to help those in need. My mother would always tell me “help and be helped”. However, at the time I had no real notion of what she meant. As time progressed I began to understand the concept that everyone needs help, but some are afraid to ask …show more content…
Most kids were influenced by their older siblings or their parents to join a gang. I did not have that direct influence. Even though my brother was part of a gang, he always prohibited me from becoming a member. My friends, however, always told me that I was a boring nerd for not joining a gang. I knew I could fit in but I refused to for my own well-being. Most of my friends are now in prison or dead because of the life they chose. I always think to myself “That could have been me”. Throughout my experiences of living in a dangerous neighborhood I have gained a different perspectives. Living in a bad neighborhood made me realize I wanted to go to school and study to become a social worker. I want to make an honest living without harming others by selling drugs and feeding their

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