My Experience During The United States Essay

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My experience in the United States Although the United States can be a harsh place. My experience in the United States is definitely different than most can say. From digging up bones under an ancient mansion, to playing hide and seek inside of The Dawes arboretum’s letter bushes, my childhood is not an everyday find. It was significantly influenced by my Grandmother and my mother.
Hmm. My childhood, how do I say this right? There is a reason that as of today I am majoring in Forensic Science. Adventure, my childhood was full of adventure. My mother would take us out, and every other day was something new. New adventures, fun filled days to make up for everything else going on in our life. We would go to the beach and have cookouts with everything possible to eat. We swam and enjoyed, juicy stake, watermelon, corn on the cob, chips, salad. Whatever we had wanted from Meijer’s. We had to of spent at least a hundred dollars every single cookout. Next exciting adventure came right after. As the sun is setting we head over to the Drive In.
I have to say now as an adult, I know why we always had bills turned off and cars repossessed. My mom was a pushover to say the least. She actually enjoyed saying yes, no begging needed just ask and you shall receive. If we asked to go to the movies she said which one. When we would say, “we were hungry;” we would spend an hour driving around aimlessly going too numerous fast food places gathering an array of mouthwatering goods.
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