My Experience At The University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Essay

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I can still vividly recall a beautiful spring day in my junior year of high school when my homeroom teacher came to the classroom with a huge smile on her face. Little did I know that my environmental project had been selected for an international competition. That gave me an opportunity to set foot in the United States of America for the first time. I was immediately drawn to the culture, the different perspectives of the people from all around the world, and its diversity of the vibrant country. Whilst this trip was admittedly a short one, it sparked my interest in studying in the United States of America for my Bachelor’s degree.
Although I started out majoring in finance at Minnesota State University Moorhead, that aspiration of studying in my favorite city as well as seeking to be challenged even more in a more diverse and fast-paced environment, motivates me to continue my further education at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
In 2014, I visited Washington D.C in order to take part in “I Have Something to Say”, a public speaking contest, organized for Mongolian students who are studying in the USA. This experience gave me the opportunity to meet other Mongolian students from other top universities across the USA and even further developed my initial interest in studying at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. The reason for this is that I was encouraged by the fact that although Mongolia is still considered a developing country with a small population, there are a…

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