Essay on My Experience At Macquarie University

958 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Good evening, Vice-Chancellor, distinguished guests and academics, family, friends and of course my fellow grandaunts, to whom I offer my sincerest congratulations. It is an honor and a great pleasure be here before you and to celebrate this special occasion together.
We made it, we made it through all those lectures, tutorials, readings and assessments, we made it in succeeding our hopes and dreams of becoming educators, and I am sure we will make it, through what I hope will be the most rewarding and honorable career for each and every one of you.
Not only am I forever thankful for my time at Macquarie university, I can also say that university was unlike anything I had every imagined, and with this my perceptions of teaching were challenged and changed, all for the better, of course.
Growing up, one of my favorite games was what my cousins and I would call “schools,” basically we’d have roles as the teacher, the students, the good and bad and of course who could forget the principal who would visit on the occasion. Perhaps these perceptions weren’t entirely farfetched from the reality of teaching, and perhaps it was simply child’s play, however for me it was games like these that provided me with an insight into who I wanted to be when I grew up, so to speak. As I know, many of our paths to this point have been different, however I also know that the passion for teaching that we have developed is what makes us all the same. In an ever changing world, we hold the…

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