My Experience At Brinckerhoff Elementary School Essay

1124 Words Dec 4th, 2015 5 Pages
My practicum is in the Wappinger Falls District, at Brinckerhoff Elementary School. At my school, I have been learning a lot about what a school psychologist does and how the job varies across the board. Thus far, I have been exposed to a lot of assessments, functional behavior assessments, individualized education plans, counseling, and attending many meetings about students with staff and parents. My supervisor is new to the school, and I have been learning about what it’s like to start in a new school with fresh eyes, and figuring out your role. My supervisor used to work out of district, and she was moved to this school this coming school year. We have been learning together on what her role entails, which has been challenging yet rewarding. It has been challenging because there is no outline that says what you have to do. In many instances, you take charge and do what is required. It has been rewarding because thus far it has been a learning experience for both of us. The school has a lot of students with behavioral concerns. In this paper I will discuss the NASP standards and the importance they play in my setting along with my exposure to these standards. The NASP standard for Graduate Preparation of School Psychologists include: Data Based Decision Making and Accountability, Consultation and Collaboration, Interventions and Instructional Support to Develop Academic Skills, Intervention and Mental health Services to Develop Social and Life Skills, School-Wide…

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