My Dream - Original Writing

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Then I woke up from my dream and got ready for school. I was pretty early so I just started walking around the school for a bit. I started thinking about how I used to look before I had to dye my hair blue, put piercing on and these fake tattoos. It kinda frustrated me that these hunters have made us specials go to these measures so we can survive this world with the humans. I feel like we look like cowards hiding from the hunters when we can just fight back. I 'm tired of hiding. All of a sudden then the bell rang and I was late for class. I ran into English class, but she closed the door on me and signal me to go to the principal office. I went to the principal office and sat down on a chair. A couple minutes later a boy came and he had this bad boy vibe to him. He had blue eyes with dark brown hair. He then sat down next to me and smiled innocently and then look forward. Then the principal came out of his office and looked at the boy and said
"You 're here again Damien I might as well be your one and only teacher can 't you be good for one day"
"Why make me look bad in front of fresh meat" He chuckled
"I 'm not fresh meat my name is Misty also principal can you please hurry and give me my detention for being late to class.”
"Okay then both of you be here by 8:00 am on Saturday you 're cleaning the whole school" I then said, "Okay, thanks. Bye." I started walking around the school till the bell rang for the next class. I could just ask

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