Personal Reflective Essay: The Great Depression

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Depression is a serious thing that haunts almost everyone at least once in their life. More than three hundred million are affected every year. I am a victim to this statistic, and while I was suffering though my depression. People around me always told me that it will get better. But I wasn’t affected by their words, they seemed meaningless. As days went on, I felt worst and I wondered how things were suppose to get better. I was so far gone into the dark side of my thoughts, I was unsure of everything. It felt as if nobody cared and I was all alone in this world. Until I met this boy named Andrew, he taught me that things will get better and somebody cares.
His words hit me harder than I expected and I held them close. It took me awhile
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This was the first time I felt anything in years from my depression. This was one of those little things, typically it wouldn’t matter now but at that time it made me happy. As band camp went on that summer I also had summer gym the morning before it. There I was stuck with a buddy of mine. We were friends for two years before that and things kind of went downhill. We became friends again and we got really close, her name was Emma. Summer went quick between summer gym and band camp. I didn’t see Andrew much at school granted he was three grades above me. But I saw Emma a lot, and we got pretty close. Until a month into school she got jealous of a guy hitting on me. She still had feeling for me, like she did in the past. I never shared those feelings so she decided to turn on me. I was made the monster; I was casted away from all my friends and had no one. Well after a month into school and I correcting all the problems. She did it again, and nobody would talk to me again. So I found a wall and I sat by myself. Till that guy from homeroom brayden who was hitting on me told me to come sit with his friends. It was nice, I had friends again but that was till I learned that they smoked and drank. I wasn’t interested so I kind of veered away. Eventually brayden started a rumor of us having sex, and everyone in our grade saw me poorly for something I never …show more content…
I ended up having an anxiety attack when I got home and wanting the pain to go away. I scarred my left wrist, and I just wanted to end it all. But I’m afraid of death, and where people go afterwards. So I could never just end it, but it didn’t stop me from this newborn addiction. The only thing that gave me any motivation was going to marching band practice and seeing Andrew. He was the only one who would talk to me. I felt safe from the rest of the world with him. He would wait by my side for my mother to pick me up or if it was late he would just drive me home. I never once thought that he has feelings for me, that he was just nice. He felt like my guardian angel that came down to protect me. I began to adventure over to the 10-12 building to sit with him. I was started to get happier, everything seemed lighter. He was my savor from depression. Something that I thought would never get better. Everybody has a guardian angel who is watching out for you. One that when you need them most will make their way into your life, and awake you from the bad dream.
Even if life seems unfair, and the bad things unavoidable. You are stuck in this darkness that surrounds you and you see no way out. There is always somebody by your side, and you shouldn’t push them away. That’s what I learned; this person was able to peel away all the darkness. And there I stood as I new person, I allowed this phase

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