My Decision Of The Topic For This Personal Study Essay

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There are various reasons that lead to my decision of the topic for this personal study. First of all, I have always interested in the hidden meaning of colors in art. Secondly, I was also inspired by Leonid Afremov – a Russian American artist, one of my favourites. I just found out his name last year although I had seen his vibrant, colourful, contrast artworks a long time ago on the internet by chance. By “the birth of colors in modern paintings”, I indicate how Fauvism started. The usage of colors had been discovered by several artists for a long time. Following the art historical development, colors seems to become an indispensable factor in paintings. However, the use of colors in history has gone through a long story. Colors were used for real world exact depiction in the ancient days whilst when it comes to the time when the artistic revolution of the 19th century took place, the understanding of vision influence of colors was explored and led to the advancement of colors in modern paintings. No longer was depiction the only purpose of colors, but also symbolizing and expressing. Researching colors in depth (their history, their origin, their influences, their usages and meaning, color theory,..) , which is useful to comprehend “the birth of colors- Fauvism” from all angles and circumstances, is my intention for Unit 3.

According to the topic that I have mentioned in the introduction, I discussed specifically about a full art…

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