Essay about My Dad 's Drinking Problem

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Throughout the year, I stay away from all the chaos held within the place I call home. My brother tends to live with my cousin for the most part because he can’t stand it either. I am referring to all the fighting that is brought on by my dad. He has been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember, but he is trying to be a recovering alcoholic. It is quite hard for him though. He gets angry at everyone, and even more so when he decides to drink. This causes a lot of strain on my mom. She tries to keep it together for all of us, but sometimes she just can’t. She ends up getting really down and tends to upset with everyone very easily. I love my mom to death, but sometimes I can’t stand being around her. My parents fight quite a bit about various things, however it mainly revolves around my dad’s drinking problem. I tend to be fairly quiet and to myself during the year. I normally sit in my room with my headphones in, while doing homework or some sort of artwork. I love to paint and collect art all year round, so I am constantly rearranging my room to display everything sufficiently. When its summer and I am not at work, I go sailing or for long walks. Despite everything, I never really feel like I can tell my family much of what’s going on in my world, so I keep it inside or I’ll share with a close friend. But when Christmas comes, I go downstairs and play the piano for everyone to hear. I spend much more time at home and I’m in a cheerier mood. I completely open up and…

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