My Dad Was Living The Good Life Essay

720 Words Jul 12th, 2015 3 Pages
When I was about three years old, my dad left. He packed a bag, walked out the door and he was gone. I didn’t know why or where, he was just gone. My next memory is of people telling stories of a place where everything was better. A place where people could find good work, make money, and never be hungry, a place of hope. The place everyone was talking about seemed wonderful yet the adults around me also told stories of how hard it was to get there. You had to cross a dry and barren desert, encounter vicious and poisonous snakes. Travelers also had to cross a treacherous river called Rio Grande; according to my uncle, many died trying. I understood that people were after things like work, money and nice things, but a three year old cannot understand the significance of those things. I learned that my dad was living in Los Estados Unidos also known as The United States of America. I guess my dad was living the good life. He could do anything and buy anything. I on the other hand never noticed the new dining table or that my mom no longer washed clothes by hand on the concrete sink outside. The new Barbie my dad sent went unnoticed. I could only think about my fathers’ absence; I needed to him.

There was a big window on our house. I would stand in front of it for hours at a time just waiting. My hope was that at any moment I would see my dad walking back home, but that moment never came. A couple of days later I made up my mind. If my daddy was not coming back then I would…

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