My Country and No More Boomerang Essay

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‘My Country’ and ‘No More Boomerang.’ Two of Australia’s most influential and intriguing poems known for enlightening readers about the vast changes throughout Australian history as well as portraying the Australian voices that experienced this transformational era. The composers, Dorothea Mackellar and Oodegroo Noonuccal, have successfully introduced us to important ideas about the people and the world in which they live through the use of various techniques and poetic devices.
The sense of connection and belonging to the Australian environment is a strong aspect of the Australian lifestyle. The complexities endured in Mackellar’s description of the landscape ‘ragged mountain ranges’ and ‘pitiless blue skies’ emphasised through sensory
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The dramatic change of their world can also be seen when the composer writes ‘now all electric and no better off.’ The continuous use of juxtaposition to compare the Aboriginals previous natural world to their new industrialised world emphasises how drastically civilization has changed and how technology has evolved. These complexities that the Aboriginals were forced to overcome, demonstrates the hardship of Australian people and their resilience and strong will to adapt to the new world that they must live in.
‘My Country’ introduces us to ideas about people who have a patriotic love and compassion for the place in which they live; Australia. The composer demonstrates this love for the home country when she writes ‘I love’ repeatedly throughout the poem. The repetition of the phrase reinforces the composer’s connection to Australia and its natural wonders. This repetition as well as the first person narration, creates a patriotic voice and profound connection to the Australian environment. We can also see this connection once again when the composer states ‘my homing thoughts will fly.’ The personal pronoun highlights her deep connection to the land as well as the metaphor that creates the illusion of homing pigeons which reinforces that no matter where in the world she is, her spirit will always be at home in Australia.
Indeed it can be seen that composers such as Dorothea Mackellar and Oodegroo

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