My Cost Theory: My Social Theory Of Divorce

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My social theory is that divorce hurts the society. Divorce is not something that is fun for either the husband and wife nor the children. Everyone’s wish is to have a family and to get married and stay married.
My parents have been married for 27 years and I plan on following in their footsteps and be married once in my lifetime. I am not married as of right now. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost three years now and I believe he is the one. I plan on getting married after I graduate college with my degree and when I have a good steady job. I hear people say all the time “oh the brides parents’ pay for the wedding.” My personal opinion is that I will pay for my wedding myself because my parents are not the ones who are getting married, I am. People my age seem to be getting married before they have a steady job or even a college
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Divorce not only affects the children because of their parents, but the children also do not get to see the rest of their mother or fathers family much either. It is also hard to go back and forth from one house to the other because you just want to be able to stay a one place and not have to worry about packing everything to go there. It is also easier for girls to talk to their mom and guys to talk to their dad about things. Without both parents being there or even in their children’s life, it effects the children.
Students whose parents are divorced often have trouble in school. They get depressed and they do not do their homework and they cannot focus in school. These students are more likely to drop out of school and they do not get the education that they need.
These children are also more likely to create crime. They create crime because they do not have both parents there to support them. Sometimes without having parents there to guide you with right and wrong can lead to bad things like

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