My Childhood - Original Writing Essay

1303 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
I remember a very dark time in my childhood when my mother would shut herself in the bathroom for hours at a time. I did not understand why my mother would do such a thing or what exactly she was doing in the bathroom, but when I got older, I felt it necessary to talk to her about the situation our family endured for three years in my youth. She confessed to me that she was addicted to crack for those three years. She told me she never meant to hurt any of us, and that she was sorry over and over again. I could not accept this; I hated her for doing that to our family. We had enough problems without her adding an addiction to the mix. I proceeded to ask her questions, almost like interrogating her. She did not get upset, though. She went on to tell me how she escaped from her addiction. One afternoon after she had bought her "score" and was in the bathroom taking this drug, my sisters and I asked for the car key to get one of my sisters jackets out; however, that was a false story to get the keys. My mother did not think twice. She handed it over without hesitation. This very moment changed my mom 's life forever. My sisters and I entered the car, and one sister was in the driver 's seat, one was in the passengers seat, and me alone in the back. She started up the car. I remember being excited but scared at the same time. The other sister took it out of park and shifted it into reverse. We backed up without a problem. I remember my mom running out of the door in tears,…

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