Essay My Career As A Teacher

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One of the four passions in my life is teaching elementary and middle school students music, primarily through the use of string instruments. I get excited about teaching music because it is important to the human experience. It aids in the creativity and expression of students, teaches important social skills, and encourages working as a team to achieve a goal. But most importantly, it teaches students to enjoy the process of developing a skill and that talent can be increased. Learning in my classroom is the combination of acquired skills (critical thinking, singing in tune, and good string technique) and the development of a learner’s character. I know I have taught a student successfully when the student has developed a musical skill, has gained self worth in that skill, and has an intrinsic desire to develop the skill more. Success in teaching is when the student possesses the knowledge and self discipline to fix problems while practicing on their own. My job as a teacher is similar to that of coaching. My teaching is not about throwing information at students and hoping that it sticks. Coaches approach teaching from the point of view that their player, in this case student, knows very little to nothing about a large broad skill. They need to also have a vast intricate knowledge of all the smaller skills that make up that large broad skill. Lastly, they need to know how to use short bursts of descriptive imagery to help make those smaller skills attainable or…

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