Essay about My Career And Life Planning

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Although I am only a college sophomore, Career and Life Planning will impact my life forever in many ways. Career and Life Planning had to be the best class I have taken since the beginning of college. When my advisor first showed me this class I did not think it would be of any use to me, but I talked to my friends who are older then me and they convinced me to take this class over any other. At first I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but this class pointed me in the direction of Marketing. My sister who is a lot older then me majored and went into the direction of Communications. I thought that I would follow my sisters foot steps and become interested in Communications but Career and Life Planning made me realize I was wrong. When classes began, I was expecting complicated questions throughout the course and thought I would feel pressured during the whole semester about what I wanted to do with my life. But, my professor Jeff Prout did not pressure anyone in my class into making decisions and answering difficult questions about what their career choice was. I would think he did not pressure anyone because he realized that most young college students have no idea what they want to do as they grow up. When enrolling into this course, it seemed as if peope who joined this class already knew what they wanted to do, but when I saw the course syllabus, I was proved wrong. Being graded on making your own resume and cover letter is one huge step on deciding what…

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