My Birthday Story

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Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. My mom says it’s a big deal, but she seems so worried about it. I believe that this is just another birthday. It must be a big deal if my grandma is coming all the way from Alaska. She never comes and visits or even call any other time. “Em, come help with dinner please!” Mom yells from the kitchen. Em is short for Emmalyn, Emmalyn Rose De’Santa. I finish picking up my laundry, and head downstairs.
“your grandmother is coming into town for your birthday tomorrow, I need you and your brother to help straighten things up”
“why is grandma coming up? I mean, I haven’t talked to her in years” I say. “ because she wants to, now help me cut potatoes Emmalyn” mom says, handing me half a bag of potatoes.
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Opening the door I see my Grandmother. She was wearing a long black dress that touched the floor. A black sun hat that seemed to get bigger every time you looked away. Black sunglasses, even though it was already night out. “Oh, Abigail I’ve missed you so” She says to my mom, heading over to give her a hug, but mom nudges her away. Without a second thought, she comes up to me. “ So is this the famous Emmalyn Rose that i’ve heard about?”
“yes mother” mom says quietly. After she gives me the basic grandmother greeting. A “is this the girl we’ve heard so much about” them giving a hug, and finally some candy from her purse. Her and mom head into the kitchen, while i head upstairs to my room. Later that i overhear mom and grandma in moms room across the hall. “So tell me Abigail, is she the one?” Grandma asks. “I’m not sure mom, she hasn 't complained of feeling sick yet, i don 't think she could be it” mom says. “for crying out loud Abigail! were running out of time! Do you know what will happen if we can 't find A 16-year old in our family with my blood? They will come.” Grandma says angrily slamming the door shut behind her. I hear her heading downstairs, and going into the guest

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