My Best Friend For 9 Years Essay

727 Words Mar 2nd, 2015 3 Pages
I have known my best friend for 9 years now, her name is Joanna Peng. I first had contact with her when I transferred from Taiwan to America around 8th grade. At that time we both attended the same school and church. My first impression of Joanna was that she didn’t like me. This however was just based on the appearance and attitude she gave me whenever I saw her, thus I tried to stay clear of her. However during freshmen year of high school, we coincidentally had the same P.E class. After a few conversation I began to learn that she was a very talkative person and fun to be around with, and thus we became really good friends.
The strength that exist between Joanna and I is that secrets do not exist between us. When we are together there is no wall, or divider, that separates us from each other. Whenever I feel down she is the first to notice and understand my situation. She supports me whenever something horrible has happen and always has a way to help me forget the painful experience. Due to not having any barrier that separates us, even when we sit next to each other without any conversation, there is no awkwardness that stands between us.
Another strength that exists between us is the faith in one another that continues to persist, even now. During our time in high school, some people would spread false and negative rumors about me or Joanna and me. At first I felt dejected and hurt, but I later discovered that they were just jealous of how close we are to each other…

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