Essay on My Best Friend By Allan Frederick And Mine Is No Exceptions

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Much like everything else, relationships evolve; Allan Frederick and mine is no exceptions. Even though I would consider Allan one of my best friends, it is not too hard to remember a time where we weren 't that close. Through painstaking arguments and joyous times, our relationship has matured from mere acquaintances to good friends in four-ish years.
If I am going to get into the nitty gritty of our friendship we have to go to the very beginning. At first, Allan was only a friend of a friend; Abey was our mutual friend. At this time Allan was rocking a short haircut which would occasionally be slicked back. Luckily, his hair also evolved into something more tolerable later in our friendship. Abey and I planned to hang out one day so I began the one block journey to his house. When I arrived I saw Allan’s mom drive up in her brown minivan.
Mrs. Frederick pushed a bottom above the center console, automatically opening the back door of her car. As the door slowly opened I saw a boy jump out of the car. I knew it was Allan because I had seen him around school here and there but this would be the first time I would be with Allan in a somewhat social manner. Abey, Allan and I were just hanging out and playing some Fifa until someone had the great idea to go longboarding, mind you that it was getting late in the evening. On this venture, Allan and I got to talking but we never went past small talk because talking while boarding can be quite the challenge. Eventually,…

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