How To Write A Personal Autobiography

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I am Teyha Monique Graham and I am from George, Iowa I am currently nineteen years old. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin lived there for a couple year then my parents got divorced and we moved to George, Iowa. That is where my mother Wendy Woelber grew up. My mother got re-married in 2011 to my wonderful step-dad. My mother has three children who are Mia, Savanna, and I. My step-father has three kids also Kayla, Mindi, and Dusty. My real dad lives in Madison, Wisconsin and has four kids which are Aliah, Mia, Westley and I. My sister and I only saw my dad three times and year. He lived seven hours away along with Aliah and Westley. I don’t get to see them often but were still close to each other. I’ve lived on a farm for as long as I can remember, …show more content…
I played one whole season of volleyball there and ended up tarring a disc in my back. I came here to South East Tech because my boyfriends and friends when here also. My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years now. I believe that I’m very good at sports, I was born an athlete. My father played college basketball, I almost played college basketball, and my younger sister plays college basketball. We love basketball and playing against each other. I’ve never done AAU for any sports and never really had to try hard to be good, I was just born with the natural …show more content…
My family does so many things together and are so supportive of one another. If my family, friends, and boyfriend would have to describe me as loving, hardworking, and talented. My mom and step-dad are very hard worker, I get my hard working ethics from them which I’m very proud of. I put in about 30 hours at work plus full time college student. It can get very hard but I work through it.
My best characteristics would be my brown eye, because they are a pretty brown. My white straight teeth, I had braces on for four years and a retainer for 5 years. I had a lot of surgeries on my teeth because they were that messed up. I am very proud of my teeth and like to smile a lot to show them off. My other characteristic would be my curly hair, everyone tells me that they love the things I can do with my hair because it’s so curly. I actually don’t like my curly hair but my mother always told me that people would die to have my

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