Personal Accomplishment Essay

Ever since I was little girl, I have had one accomplishment that I want to fulfill: to study in another country and at the same time, learn about a new culture. My aunt moved from Norway to the U.S. when she was nineteen years old to start college and has lived here ever since. She is my great role model. I have been lucky to be able to visit her many times, in fact, as many as seven. When I started my second year in high school, I wanted to be an exchange student in the United States, but I never had the courage to leave my friends and family. After two years, I finally made the choice to study three months abroad, and here I am now studying at Gateway Technical College in Racine.
After graduating from high school, I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I was exploring many opportunities; however, I did not feel like any of them were right for me. My boyfriend had just bought a house which he was remodeling; therefore, I moved in with him. I started to study to become a teacher at the University of Østfold the next fall. Three months into the course I figured out that I had made the wrong choice. I simply was not ready to study for another four years at the university
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While the Americans like to eat foods like pancakes and waffles with a ton of syrup for breakfast, I am used to having a slice of bread with cheese, ham, or liver pate. The American unhealthiness carries on with semi-finished dinners and junk food, tons of cookies, donuts and cakes. And all of this is double size of Norwegian portions. Then there is the famous doggy-bag. When my boyfriend and I were out at a restaurant, we were asked if we wanted a doggy-bag for the rest of our food. We said no thank you, but the lady asked again. Apparently, we were strange because we did not mash up our food and bring it with us. Luckily, it is not like this where I

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