Must I Really Send My Boy Into Hell Every Day Essays

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English essay ”Must I really send my boy into hell every day?”

Is article is written by Ian Roe, who is the deputy head of a school. As the deputy head he has experienced lot of incidents of bullying, so he knows how it really is at a school. Ian Roe has a son that is being bullied at his school, and Ian Roe can´t do anything about it except following the standard process. This article is about his son being bullied, and how the handling of the situation happens and how it could be handled. He explains how it happens to his son and how it feels like to witness it. He watches is son losing his self-esteem, seeing how his personality gets squeezed out of him and how he tries to hide his personality to become unnoticeable. His son has
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The language that he uses isn’t formal, which I would have thought since he is a deputy head. He wrote like any other parent would do, and that is most likely to personalize the story and to get the attention. He constantly repeats himself about the bullying affects his son, to state the outcome of bullying while using pathos. The father also uses adjectives to make a more accurate repetition, but none of the adjectives is positive. These adjectives focus mainly on the negative aspects of this case, to appeal to the better side in every person. Bulling is an extremely hard thing to prevent, because there will always be a small child among the other children. So how serious is this topic and how can you prevent from happening? This topic is an issue in the most of the world, and there still isn’t found effectively method to deal with it. I think that it is impossible to truly exterminate in the schools, because there will always be the weird or small child that the bigger kids suppress. Some of these kids may even be doing it because of their own oddities or their problems at home, and the bullying make them feel better and superior to the unfortunate child. These children are may actually just be little scared kids, which pick on others so they won’t be. I have also by myself seen kids bullying on my old school, it was when I were in class. It was a group of boys, who were yelling and slightly push him around. We were

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