Muslim And Non Muslim Population Essay

2004 Words Nov 6th, 2016 9 Pages

I 've selected this task, primary due to the current situation which had happened in the world but in particular in my country, France and in Europe during the past decade, and the terrorists events, which incited the hate of the pure European population toward the Muslim population in their country, and its spread over the country borders. “Over the last thirty years, Islamic fundamentalism has become a permanent and unwanted fixture in our lives.” (Dastin Berna, NOVA, 2016) This situation clearly built the religious-based hate and divided the population into two camps, those who are Muslim and non-Muslim population.
This newly created situation, based exclusively on religion warn against the future terroristic acts and require a precise understanding of the “terroristic thinking” and which reasons lying behind the diabolic behavior of the individuals who claim to act in the name of Islam, and Allah while effectuating their terrorist 's acts or attacks. We need the explanation, not only based on journalistic research, but we need to obtain the transcription of these acts from the criminological theories of behavior and consequently propose (construct) future the steps toward the rational understanding of terroristic behavior and how to fight it.

Furthermore, this paper seeks to understand the correlation between the modern terrorism and its adaptation into the classical theories of crime. Therefore, the principal goal of this research is to find an…

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