Music 's Influence On Music Essay

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A difficult question that someone can ask you, is how would you define music. Music is so many things to so many different people. It can be a way out, a way to express yourself, or it may even be a part of your culture. Music has come so far from when Beethoven and Mozart created their own music. Music has shifted gears to adding auto tune and many other things that help enhance an artist’s musical performance or music in general. Music back then was known as pleasure or a night out to hear something beautiful. Today music is not like that. Musical artists speak their minds about certain aspects in life through their music. Because of this, it influences all the people who are listening, especially younger children. The relationship music has with society can dictate certain behaviors, whether it be good or bad. It all comes down to the influence it has on each person.
Music plays a huge roll on a person’s opinions and those opinions influences the person’s actions. Many times, it is more negative than positive, especially in today’s world. The artist’s musical lyrics speak to all different people. However, it is not just the artist’s music that influences the people, it’s the artist themselves. Compared to back then, it was all about the music, yet now a day’s, people look at the artists as role models and people to look up to, which is where the problem begins. For example, Kanye West and many other rappers/ hip hop artists have a huge impact on listeners,…

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