Essay on Music Therapy And Its Effects

1946 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Music therapy. A term that has grown so much over the past few decades. As a music therapist in training, when people find out what I’m studying, the common response is “wow, that sounds so interesting, what is it?” I then often struggle to find the words to describe such an amazing concept to people in such few words. The trouble is that “music therapy means different things to different people for myriad reasons” (Bruscia, 1998). The challenge in defining music therapy is that it is the combination of two fields; music and therapy, which are both things that people are still struggling to define.
After breaking down what music therapy is to me as much as possible, I came to a compressed version of my definition: Music therapy is the purposeful use of music by an accredited music therapist, in a therapeutic context to reach individualized goals of a specific client of any age, ability, institution and background.
I tried to keep my elevator pitch as broad as possible because music therapy really does contain so many approaches, interventions and work with all populations that it is hard to name them all. Goals and outcomes are also very specific and diverse among each individual. Music therapist’s meet a client’s needs through the relationship between them, the client and music. This may include improvisation, performing, composing, listening, and verbal processing of their musical experiences. As music therapy is a career that is very versatile in regards to its focus,…

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