Music Is A Universal Language Essay

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Music is a universal language because the pitch of a note sounds the same no matter what language you speak because emotions are universal, all cultures have similar and multiple purposes for music, artists can be recognized for their music globally and listening to music in a foreign language requires active listening to relate to the aesthetic feelings being expressed. The melodies and harmonies of musical pieces can elicit the same aesthetic responses from people who are from different cultures and who speak different languages. Some ethnomusicologists suggest that music is an expressive language that can communicate feelings and images by transcending cultural boundaries. Listening to the music of another culture is an enriching experience not only to hear different styles of music that use different instruments, but it also encourages the listener to listen to the music actively and more intensely. …show more content…
This is seen today as well-known artists in one country have become famous in other countries as well, for example, Beyoncé is extremely well-known and has such a large audience, globally. Artists like her have audiences that come from many different countries and cultures. Many artists also collaborate with other artists from around the world which brings recognition to both artists to new audiences in other nations.
In conclusion music is a universal language because anyone who can hear it can feel it. Music elicits emotions through its melodies and harmonies and delivers precise sentiments through lyrics which are perceived by anyone no matter of their native language and culture. Music is a means through which to connect people through common human behaviors and emotions. Music plays various crucial roles in culture and translates the attitudes of life into a widespread common language. Listening to music of another culture not only increases our knowledge but also our ability to actively listen to

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