Music Education Is A Vital Part Of Schooling And Should Take Precedence Over Sports

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It’s a chilly, fall night. The fans cheer as the football team rushes out and the cheerleaders do their stunts. It’s the beginning of first quarter, and the home team starts with the ball. The quarterback throws the ball to number twenty-one with a perfect spiral. The crowd goes wild as he runs down the field, but he is tackled and can’t get up. The crowd freezes as silence washes over the stadium, except twenty one’s wails of agony. The paramedics rush in with a gurney, and takes him away. Number 21 is out for the rest of the season. If he had been in the stands with the band, he wouldn’t have torn his ACL. That is why sports are dangerous. That is why music education is a vital part of schooling and should take precedence over sports.
Music education is very under-appreciated in society today. Many people believe that sports are the way to go, but music education does so much more for brain than its counterpart, sports. The Journal of Neuroscience states:
Interestingly, the neuroplasticity afforded by musical training in childhood is retained into early adulthood, even when lessons are terminated in adolescence. Enriched human experience in the form of music instruction may therefore engender a “cognitive reserve” that could delay, postpone, or even reverse age-related cognitive declines.
This piece of information alone gives enough of a reason to embrace music education in schools. The Journal of Neuroscience is saying that music education helps slow down, or even…

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