Multinational Corporations And International Trade Goods With Great Financial Means

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Many Global Organizations have a reputation of unfair practices regarding the treatment of their employees when it comes to environmental issues and social responsibility. It appears that the reason for this is there are no real ties to any one local organization or party. “This criticism of multinationals is valid to a point, but it must be remembered that no corporation can successfully operate without regard to local social, labor, and environmental standards, and that multinationals in large measure do conform to local standards in these regards” (Multinational Corporations 597).

The concept of multinational corporations obtained its beginnings in the United States. They in initially began as organizations or manufactures tied to consumable goods, and the American public embraced them as representatives of made in America products. Contrary to belief, we are not the only nation representative of large international trade goods with great financial means. “Many countries that were recently classified as part of the developing world, including Brazil, Taiwan, Kuwait, and Venezuela, are now home to large multinational concerns” (Multinational Corporations 597).

The initial establishment of the international organization is now a thing of the past and has commonality across the world. These large global organizations do not always have the best intentions in mind for the general public or its employees, when you consider that the first order of business is always to…

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