Essay on Multiculturalism Is A Form Of Education

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In schools all throughout America, there seems to be a recurring problem of achievement gaps. Three authors, James A. Banks, Sonia Nieto, and Geneva Gay, display why multiculturalism will solve this pressing issue. Multiculturalism is a form of education that infuses various cultures into the curriculum taught in schools and recognizes all cultures in the school environment. Cultures can be any type of religion, social economic status, gender, sexuality, race, age, physical ability, and many other variables. The three articles we talked about in class go over different ways to infuse multiculturalism into American education and each author has their own ideas and plans to make education equal for all students.
Throughout James A. Bank’s article, he talks about his 5-phase plan to achieve multiculturalism. In this 5-phase plan, he describes changes that need to be made in schools, such as more African American teachers, text revisions, more community involvement, and more of a focus on the minorities. This plan was formed because of Bank’s belief that American schools do not incorporate multicultural ideas in the classroom. The phases were also developed to inform schools that are unaware of what multiculturalism is. He believes that culture is learned and is always changing. Banks wanted to integrate all races, genders, socioeconomic classes, sexual orientations and religions through the curriculum of our nation’s school systems and ensure that even the children that…

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